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About the Company


Owners, Business irea, Areas of competence, Turn over, Personell, Experiences of work abroad espec PR China










Quality School


Terminology, definitions and explanations










Consultants in the area of quality


The profitability of quality works, About ISO9000, TQM,
A timetable for certification, Quality work in Schools










Consultants in the area of IS/IT


Our competence in the area of computers and IS/IT












Our competence in the aria of micro electronics. Some articles published










Wood and construction timber


Production of boards with the "Solosågen", Planing mashine, Timber on stock










Wood Handicrafts


An overview of our wood products, Rocking chair for childern, The Rocking Horce "Fritte" and its manufactoring












Arrangements, Printed Music for sale and sound samples, Frensh Horn, Pictures from my Music-life










Private pages


Genealogical table, Living abroad and travellings, Kites, Model making, Recipes, "A Fixed point in the Existence"

Have you heard the story about the Swedish guy who looked through the Playboy Magazine. One of his friends said: “Oh, I didn’t know you could read English”. “No I can’t” was the reply, “but I can watch the pictures”.